Report through 7-19-15 Potluck

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i letter motifIt’s summer. That’s probably all that need be said about how weird the House meetings and all have gotten! Various folks are heading for events (or packing, unpacking or panting for breath). Others are up to their eyebrows in work. It gets weird this time of year, but we did manage to have our feast!

071715 Box1This week, Metal Night is going to be in Loren’s garage shop, most likely, so let us know if you’re planning on coming, so we can make sure you can find it. Sewing on Thursday is going to concentrate on the banner and cloth and setting up A&S things for Bash. Saturday’s Herb Bunch will be working on wood butter, rosewater and other such things.

Here is the direct Portfolio link which has all the past Project Day reports and all the various projects.

…and the new link for current projects here: dragon on purp div

Rack pieces

Rack pieces

Early Week

As usual on Mondays Anja was getting pictures and trying to make sure that everything from last week was documented. She and Loren got the marble sets done and tagged, the rag dolls and the finished gnomes, and Loren also was working on some of the

Wooden Animal

Wooden Animal

wooden animals. Late in the day he went out to get the wood for Anja’s project rack. She has a bunch of little drawers and wanted to get them all into a rack so’s to make ’em carryable and not so likely to spill.

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Discounts for Shrewsbury Renaissance Fair

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Metal Night – Somehow the Metal Night didn’t quite happen. Loren worked on grinding the edges of plates in his shop during the afternoon, but there must have been a miscommunication somewhere because he ended up going shopping, as did Marcus!

Anja was home doing more clipart (toys this time).

double dragon on purp div

So Wednesday evening turned into an impromptu tagging and finishing session and all day Thursday was finding, finishing, packing…. Loren finished 4 more of the animals.

…and Sewing Time vanished into berry-picking since that was a dire necessity.

…and Loren kept on working on sanding little wooden animals and his bone needles.

double dragon on purp div

On Friday Seamus stopped by to pick up the largesse boxes. While Loren taped ’em up so they’d ride well, we all stood around and talked and he got to see some of the herb projects and the upcoming largesse things.

double dragon on purp div

Oils – begun June 29, finished July 17

double dragon on purp div

Herb Bunch

Rose pictures from earlier in the week

Rose Sugar – We had a problem with the one jar. It fermented or something and ran all over and then the petals on top got moldy. It hit the compost, but the original jar is still going and another layer of petals and sugar went in on Friday and Sunday.

Soap Balls & Wood butter

double dragon on purp div

071915 SustenanceProject Day started with cleaning up the back for the feast, hanging the curtain, etc. Anja got some pix of the herb projects that are going on, then Loren took off to go get steamed buns and then the rest of the stuff. Anja worked on pouches and ironing for a bit. It had been too hot, earlier in the week. After that napkins and the banner got cut out.

Eventually Rowan and Tammy arrived and then Marcus and then Loren. We got the table set up and started the lamb and then Anja got called away, but Rowan finished cooking it. The lamb pitas were good! We also had olives and cheese and sekanjabin, and green peas and then finished up with strawberries and angel food cake, just ‘cuz. 🙂 …and not a single picture of the feast or feast foods happened! The menu was:

  • Lamb pitas – Anja & Loren (pita pockets, pan-fried ground lamb, cucumbers, spinach, plain unsweetened yogurt)
  • Cheese cubes – Loren
  • Olives – Loren
  • Asparagus pickle with garlic & onions – Anja
  • Snap and snow peas – Loren & Anja
  • Sekanjabin – Loren
  • Strawberries – Marcus
  • Angelfood cake – Rowan & Tammy

071915 Tammys1stPlease welcome the new member of House Capuchin, Tammy! During the evening she learned to make a puff pin cushion and took home a dozen to work on! Tammy was gifted with some starter feast gear and she and Rowan both were given House Badge napkins to use.

After we all ate we went out into the front and talked and talked and talked until well past 10pm. Marcus worked on some jewelry, Rowan was spinning, Loren alternately sanded and dozed and Anja did some small odds and ends of projects, including showing off the new napkins and a few of the pouch things. Sabrina managed to stop by for a little while, so we finally got her and Rowan into the same room to talk fiber things.

double dragon on purp div

Largesse hand-offgross2

To Kingdom:

  • 26 marble sets
  • 2 rag dolls
  • 5 gnomes
  • 8 peg people sets
  • 9 balls
  • 7 Wooden animals
  • 10 Cup & Ball sets
  • 2 Cup & Ball sets (not made by House Capuchin)

Anonymous donor: 32 simple tops

 To Summits – 36 pouches

double dragon on purp div

 Updated Pages

double dragon on purp div

Funnies and Miscellaneous pix

double dragon on purp div

LinksThomas of Cantimpré Liber de natura rerum France ca 1290 Valenciennes Bibliothèque municipale ms 320 fol 72r

double dragon on purp div

Loren, Anja, Marcus, Herb Bunch (4), Rowan, Tammy, Sabrina

divider black grey greek key

Largesse Item Count – 

  • ASXLVII = 24
  • ASXLVIII = 88
  • ASXLIX = 794
  • ASL = 557 + 147 = 713 plus soaps 3+40+31, balls 3, wooden cutouts 3? 7?
  • Loren needles – bone needles 3, bone fids 1
  • Total as a Household = 1609 handed in

moving writing pen motifIn ministerio autem Somnium! Anja, graeca doctrina servus to House Capuchin
Page Created 7/13/15 & published 7/21/15 (C)M. Bartlett
Last updated 7/21/15

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